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Cannabis Essential Oil

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Organic, steam distilled Cannabis Essential Oil from Canada.  Also known as hemp essential oil, and marijuana essential oil.

Species:  Cannabis sativa L.  Family:  Cannabinaceae.  Class:  Sesquiterpene.

This cannabis essential oil has a strong, herbal aroma, and is mostly clear in appearance.  Cannabis essential oil should not be confused with hemp vegetable oil, which tastes much like safflower oil, and is pressed from the seeds of low-THC varieties of hemp.  Cannabis essential oil is steam distilled, not a solvent extract,  It is 100% pure, with no solvent residue.  And no vegetable oil or any other adulterants.

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Average Rating: 4.2

skin cancer

I have used this cannabis oil on skin cancer on several relatives. Works wonders, gets rid of the cancer in 2 to 3 weeks. Cover effected area with oil and cover with bandage at night. Growths have dried up and fallen off, removed growths have showed no cancer when scrapings done after removal.

Ellen :: Apr 16 2018, 15:36 pm


My friend had someone versed in this oil make her a pan of bars with marijuana oil. I've never felt so awful in my life! 3/4 of one tiny bar and my heart was exploding out of my chest, I was highly jittery, and was having an internal panic attack for hours! I don't do drugs and this wholeheartedly backed that up! Be careful with this stuff! My god! 9 hours later and my heart is still pounding. Thankfully, the panicked feelings and jitters have left.

Tonja :: Feb 11 2017, 20:39 pm

Ragin' Ray

I am a repeat customer, and find that this product, Cannabis Essential Oil, is the best thing I ever bought and consumed for my health. Keep it coming. And please help push for more legalization. This product saves lives.

Ray R. :: Feb 02 2014, 01:11 am

Repeat Customer

I use this all the time as a food supplement. I want to stay healthy. Thank you for your fast service whenever I run low.

Larry :: Jul 26 2013, 16:50 pm


I'm sohcekd that I found this info so easily.

Mubaric :: Jun 27 2012, 11:42 am

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