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Experience the best aromatherapy baths of your life with Becky's Bath Salts.  Try our other bath products, and essential oils too.


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Becky’s Bath Salts offers an extensive collection of aromatherapy bath products, essential oils, perfumes, sprays, and much more for discerning shop owners. Give your customers a rich, soothing indulgence made from natural ingredients and extracts from herbs, spices, fruits and flowers. Each product is carefully blended with soothing ingredients and intoxicating aromas to complete an enriching bath experience.


Expand your shop with new and enticing scents or novel products. We stock a wide array of bases and oils for making your own exquisite line of specialty soaps, candles, make-up products, lotions and more, as well as dozens of luxurious finished products. You’ll find the complete aromatherapy experience within our store, from bath salts to soaps, sprays and massage oils, all with many diverse invigorating, relaxing, calming and sensual effects.


Take a look at the long line of essential oils to complete your collection or make your own exotic blends. Diversify your therapy or spa selection with dozens of fragrant, natural bath products. Make your order online and contact us for more information on any product.


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Latest Products

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